torsdag 31 januari 2013


Italy´s best death metal band is back with another high class album. This time with their new vocalist Paoli Pieri, he´s got a great growl. Clear and charismatic and it works like an extra instrument in this wonderful slab of speedy death metal . As usual we get quality top notch musicianship that almost makes you jelous. If I compare this to Paradogma it´s not very unlike that record. Both sound and music is kind of the same, maybe the production is even more glossy. But you have to love these brutal fellas, they despise religion and its lies in the world´s most catholic country, you gotta have some balls to do such thing I guess the pope is not their biggest fan. And second, there is so much intensity in their songs. I-N-T-E-N-S-I-T-Y. I have spoken about it before but it has to be mentioned again. Some bands just have the ability to have that enormous power and excellent brutality while writing songs that really got stuck in your brain. So infectious, so amazingly well written. The guitars work their way into every limb of my body and the drums sound like a machinegun programmed to kill, with skill. The instruments are just all over, in every song. Like a neverending celestial terror is the best way to describe this outstanding band. They are one of my all time favorites in death metal, no doubt about it. And they are soon coming to Sweden. Will I bang my head and sweat like a wild teenager?Yes, probably.


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