lördag 19 januari 2013

DEFILED "In Crisis"

Give me some bass, give me some bass!! The first sounds on this fourth album by Japanese death metallers are quite incredible, yet confusing. The bass is VERY audible, it sounds like the bassist Haruhisha Takahata was the producer of this album and decided to let the bass be the dominating force on this album. After a few listens it sounds quite cool and not so disturbing. Well, the bass isn´t in the forefront the whole time, but rather occasionally. I don´t know if that is the point, well if it is, it´s pretty unique. Unique or not, this is some hardhitting death metal the Japanese way. They have their own way of playing death metal, you can of course find influences from the american sound but this is more than a clone imitating Cannibal Corpse. Their sound is pretty much a combination of American death metal, German death metal like Obscenity and something that is hard to point your finger exactly on what it is, but the sound is very compressed and cold.The drums are also very upfront in the mix, but I think it gives the record a brutal vibe. The songs on this album is mostly very fast and the drummer has to work hard. Not grinding madness all the time, but a lot of speed. There are a lot of things happening in the songs, not like crazy tech death, but definitely technical and not something you play in your sleep bro. The songs are though a bit hard to seperate from each other, so I am asking for some more memorable riffing and a bit more dynamics.But I love the their way of not compromising with their sound. It is harder than granite, that is a true fact you can´t deny. The vocalist has a powerful growling style and he is tight and very convincing. A decent record with a production you either love or hate.


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