torsdag 17 januari 2013

ANTROPOFAGUS "Architecture Of Lust"

Death metal is a business that isn´t just for USA, Poland, Holland and should I say Sweden. For example Italy and France have actually some really good acts. One of my absolute fave death metal bands Hour Of Penance is of italian origin. And so is this band, signed to the label known for their brutal and offending artwork on their releases,Comatose Music. They don´t only release such stuff, but a lot of it is "eye-catching". This band´s record artwork is more towards many of the tech-death bands out there. Well, the music has some similarities with the aforementioned Hour Of Penance. There is a lot of high intensity songs, with grinding as the basic foundation. Their vocalist Tya has a typical but good death metal voice, not of the horrible kind that you find in all sorts of brutal death metal bands. This is for sure brutal, technical music and has a lot of things goin´on all the time. But the focus is on the music and not on the image. These guys can play and the vocalist knows how to growl without sounding like a pig. He actually articulates really well (not like Ross Dolan or David Vincent, but decent). Speaking of David Vincent, in "Sadisitic Illusive Puritanism" and "Det Helgeran av Haxor" you can hear something that reminds of  Morbid Angel´s  "Where the Slime Live". I would place these guys in the higher ranks of the European scene without a doubt. Just a few more riffs that stick into my head than it would be awesome. Now it is just very good.


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