måndag 28 januari 2013

CENTURIAN "Contra Rationem"

12 years after their classic album "Liber Zar Zax" they are ready to strike us again with their hate and blasphemy. Rarely do we hear a band with a unique sound, but Centurian has a unique sound. You can  instantly hear that it´s Centurian and no other band than Centurian. They follow scale- and riff patterns combined with a production which is unique for these mad Dutchmen. Some people say they sound like a Deicide clone, which is totally wrong. Listen and tell me exactly where those (clone) similiarites are.Of course they have some parts that could belong to the satanic band from USA, but there is so much more to their music. To me they have a sound that is full of  anger, blasphemy, talent and a total aversion to mankind and religion, not in a goofy way but for real. I think they also got some secrets(?) in the studio, when it comes to having that distinct sound. But what I am always talking about when making good death metal is the the ability to write totally crushing riffs in every song, and yet having songs that are incredibly catchy. It is impossible to not bang your head to this, it is impossible! Mostly we hear high tempo songs, played tightly and with their new (at least in Centurian) vocalist Niels Adams hailing from their other band Nox and his old band Prostitute Disfigurement spreading the lyrics like the unholy pope with a mission to destroy. A future classic like their last one. Obey.


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