fredag 1 februari 2013

HATE "Solarflesh"

A new album from one of the leading death metal bands from Poland. Some people accuse them for being "Behemoth 2", but that is not the truth if you really listen to them carefully. Especially this new record is very dirverse and has a lot of different elements. There is a misanthropic and creepy mood throughout the record and their vocalist Adam The First Sinner growls like a uholy high priest with a very clear voice. You can hear all the words he expresses without straining your ears, and he just doesn´t sing in one way. He has a voice with many souls and twists(!)If we talk about the music you can hear everything from "Nile-like" intros to experimental/industrial sounds, slow pounding parts, melodic solos to parts with blistering speed and stunningly fast riffing. You even get to hear a woman singing opera in "Mezmerized"! Not in a gothic way, but in a horrifying way. I have always liked Hate for being very death metal, and always having that dark feeling in their music while they have tested some new influences with their more recent records. I never got the feeling that their music is pointing in too many directions, since their is always a nice flow in the songs and the darkness and creepy feeling you want from good death metal will be there and it will demand your attention. What is really good about this record is that you will never risk getting tired of endless blastbeats or lack of imagination since Hate are not your average mediocre band. Even if the first and the last song are industrial, they fulfill the dark ride and they don´t feel out of place.Talking about the instrumentals, one of the bonus tracks "Venom" is like a clip taken from a horror movie about a mentally deranged woman, maybe it´s the mad woman on the front cover who is screaming to the abstract industrial sounds? This is the ultimate soundtrack to a day in hell. Full of darkness, horror and blasphemy.


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