måndag 21 januari 2013

POINT BLANK RAGE "Deadly Horizon"

Galy Records have signed legends like Gorguts and obscure cult acts like the thrash/speed band Soothsayer. And then they have signed these sadly underrated guys, here delivering their second album. According to metal archives they are a two-piece these days, but if you look at Last FM they are a four-piece, and a five-piece on one pic. Well, I guess the most up to date info is on MA. According to the info on the site I just mentioned, one of the guys play drums, but the drumsound on the record is a bit mechanical. For me, it sounds like programmed drums, not badly programmed though. Listen and find out yourself. The drums are a very minor problem if you listen to the overall music. What you get is death metal, not in the old school vein, nor in the mega-technical whirlwind style. It´s quality death metal with dual vocal attacks, furious guitar attacks and a feeling for creating killer songs and not just riffs on top of each other.They blend midpace parts with grind and there´s always a cruel feeling in the songs. The vocals are very raw and in your face. The guitarist/vocalist Eric Marsan has a voice a bit similar to Brett Hoffmann of Malevolent Creation. But I think this guy has a more distinct voice with more desperation in some parts. The production is quite clear, but I think it fits the music perfectly. This is north american death metal with so much attitude, balls and quality. You can´t dislike this. If you do, I bet your taste in music is not good death metal. I recently viewed their Facebook page and they only have 165 "likes" !! That is a disaster. C´mon these guys deserve your attention.

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