måndag 14 januari 2013

NEAR DEATH CONDITION "The Disembodied - In Spiritual Spheres"

Quite hard to remember the title of this record, luckily the music isn´t easily forgettable. This is what I call a undiscovered treasure. I know that their label Unique Leader have released some amazing records through the years, but I think a couple of them are pretty generic too. Not bad musically or technically, but rather boring listening to. Same kind of production and same kind of death metal, generally. It´s pretty hard to be a death metal band today, the range of bands are overwhelming and the availability through internet makes at least me very picky. I used to buy a lot of records, but today I mostly buy the absolute best ones, or the "must have´s" on independent labels with almost no distribution in my country. It is always good to pick up some "underground candy" that nobody else owns. Anyway, this band from Switzerland was quite a surprise for me and their music is nothing short of bombastic high speed death metal in the vein of Hate Eternal and the likes. Even some of the guitar solos are influenced by Erik Rutan & Co. They are not just a clone, they have some fresh ideas up their sleeves I must say. Even if I have heard this kind of death metal many times before, there are just a few bands that impress me today. Incredibly talented band I should say, the riffs, production and vocalstyle just screams: "This means war, we are here to destroy your speakers and mind with our US-influenced death metal with a lot of amazingly performed grind parts and speedy chunky riffs" The production of this record is just perfect, all the instruments sound like monsters. Not too clear, but very "in your face" and intense all over, maybe the bassdrums are a bit upfront in the mix, but hey I don´t really care. You will certainly get your dose of high speed death metal here, maybe some of the riffs could be more memorable, but I freakin´worship this record.

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