söndag 6 januari 2013

DEHUMANIZED "Controlled Elite"

Some bands release new records every year if it´s possible. The lust for writing music just never ends. Some bands releases records less regularly, but if they are among the "classic" bands, there will always be an audience for their records, even if it takes 14 years to release full lenght number two. New Yorker´s Dehumanized give us their new slab of death metal right were the old one left off. You get the growling voice, teamed up with the higher screams, the extremely heavy breakdowns. A mix of both streetwise lyrics this time and the more usual death metal expression in the lyrics, and of course the parts I can´t help but just worship. A band that knows how to grind along with a nice tremolo picked passage and does it good is always better than a band who relies on just heavy pounding all the way, with a few exceptions like Jungle Rot. You can of course hear similarities with bands like Internal Bleeding and Suffocation, a great mix of groove and madness. This record doesn´t sound tired and boring, but very fresh and intense. Traces of boredom might be the case with some bands releasing stuff with a timegap of one and a half decade. It´s really tight, heavy and well executed death metal the New York way with lots of great riffs. The one and only flaw is the second riff in "Soiled" which sounds too melodic and dull for this powerhouse. Yes, one riff is the only thing I complain about! The production is a bit clearer than their debut´s sound, but still chunky as hell. Welcome back among the elite guys!


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