onsdag 23 januari 2013

AURA NOIR "Out To Die"

Mixing thrash and black metal have turned out be a almost mainstream style of music today. At least within the metal community. Combining the best of both worlds, the manic drive in good thrash and the vocals of someone black as the night, add to that some black metal melodies. The norweigans do this kind of ear candy very well and can be counted among the best in the business. Their first record released in 1996 is very praised in the metal scene, and I think this isn´t far behind. You get the almost poppy ( with choruses that could be on any hitlist, well at least when you discuss this kind of music) thrash with a lot of power and a production which is modern and "fat". It´s a kind of music that is meant to be underground, but is a very easily digested stew of metal music and with riffs to kill for. It´s not like listening to AC/DC but, you get a feeling of "party and headbanging" when you hear most of the songs. The focus is on creating riff beasts, instead of just creating neverending brutality with blastbeats all over. Any downsides? Well, I could ask for even more riffs to kill for. But in the end this a good slab of blackish thrash.


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