tisdag 30 december 2014

RECIPROCAL "Order Of The Ages"

A relatively unknown band from USA that combines great musicianship with lyrics about the declination of this world. The cover is terrific with the withered and torn Statue of Liberty.The snakes are about to consume "her". A whole lot of the songs are about conspiracy theories and intros that tells us about the greedy american government and other unpleasent things that occur every day.The intros are the only big flaw on this self funded record. They are far too long and take away the interest of the song. I don´t need 1,5 minutes long intros. The music itself is extremely tight and well performed. Reciprocal can easily compete with any technical death metal band out there. People like to label things, and some people claim this is deathcore. Well I don´t care that much, for me it´s techical and quite brutal death metal. Yes it´s dual voices as in many deathcore bands, but almost no breakdowns at all. I should´t call these guys a clone of hundreds of technical death metal bands, usually I get bored by music that tries to impress the listener, but somehow they manage to keep my interest up through the whole record. What I really like about the record is that Reciprocal don´t play any supermelodic solos or parts of songs. It´s mostly evil sounding music in your torn face. Put away your  Unique Leader stuff, Necrophagist and Spawn of Possession records for a while and listen to this! This band sound sort of like a mix of those bands...