torsdag 31 januari 2013


Italy´s best death metal band is back with another high class album. This time with their new vocalist Paoli Pieri, he´s got a great growl. Clear and charismatic and it works like an extra instrument in this wonderful slab of speedy death metal . As usual we get quality top notch musicianship that almost makes you jelous. If I compare this to Paradogma it´s not very unlike that record. Both sound and music is kind of the same, maybe the production is even more glossy. But you have to love these brutal fellas, they despise religion and its lies in the world´s most catholic country, you gotta have some balls to do such thing I guess the pope is not their biggest fan. And second, there is so much intensity in their songs. I-N-T-E-N-S-I-T-Y. I have spoken about it before but it has to be mentioned again. Some bands just have the ability to have that enormous power and excellent brutality while writing songs that really got stuck in your brain. So infectious, so amazingly well written. The guitars work their way into every limb of my body and the drums sound like a machinegun programmed to kill, with skill. The instruments are just all over, in every song. Like a neverending celestial terror is the best way to describe this outstanding band. They are one of my all time favorites in death metal, no doubt about it. And they are soon coming to Sweden. Will I bang my head and sweat like a wild teenager?Yes, probably.


måndag 28 januari 2013

CENTURIAN "Contra Rationem"

12 years after their classic album "Liber Zar Zax" they are ready to strike us again with their hate and blasphemy. Rarely do we hear a band with a unique sound, but Centurian has a unique sound. You can  instantly hear that it´s Centurian and no other band than Centurian. They follow scale- and riff patterns combined with a production which is unique for these mad Dutchmen. Some people say they sound like a Deicide clone, which is totally wrong. Listen and tell me exactly where those (clone) similiarites are.Of course they have some parts that could belong to the satanic band from USA, but there is so much more to their music. To me they have a sound that is full of  anger, blasphemy, talent and a total aversion to mankind and religion, not in a goofy way but for real. I think they also got some secrets(?) in the studio, when it comes to having that distinct sound. But what I am always talking about when making good death metal is the the ability to write totally crushing riffs in every song, and yet having songs that are incredibly catchy. It is impossible to not bang your head to this, it is impossible! Mostly we hear high tempo songs, played tightly and with their new (at least in Centurian) vocalist Niels Adams hailing from their other band Nox and his old band Prostitute Disfigurement spreading the lyrics like the unholy pope with a mission to destroy. A future classic like their last one. Obey.


lördag 26 januari 2013

OBLIVION "Call To Rise"

Gone are the days when labels signed everything in sight. This band is unsigned, but if you listen to the production, the music and the sheer professionalism on this record you can´t do nothing but getting surprised they don´t have a label behind them. They have a guy of All Shall Perish-fame in the ranks, otherwise there are pretty unknown guys in this band. But as I already told you, this is very good. What do we get here? To use a cliche´, it´s thinking man´s death metal. Very technical (though not overly technical), very thought out and also very, if not totally unique but well written songs in every sense of the word. Technical death metal bands have popped out of the universe like a plauge lately, so it is pretty hard to be "the king of the mountain" so to speak. Since there are hordes of good musicians out there, the thing that seperates the bad from the good is the capacity to write good songs, and not just a million notes and rhythm patterns you quickly get tired of. Bands like Obscura have added too much soft melodies lately that sound a bit out place, but Oblivion don´t use sweet melodies that much. It´s sometimes melodic, but It´s always a touch of darkness present in their songs.Speaking of wankery, Oblivion never play technical stuff just for the sake of it. There is always a reason for every note played. They also have a top notch vocalist in Nick Vasallo, mixing between highs and lows with ease. You will also hear all instrumental songs in the end, made by an orchestra. That is kind of unique, huh? Send this band on a tour with Fleshgod Apocalypse and you will have a tour package that will rule. Any label ready for a deal?

OVER KILL "The Electric Age"

Some wine´s get better by age. Some bands too. I have never counted Over Kill among the better ones of the old classic thrash bands. I have always liked some of their songs, but they have been a bit uneven when it comes to create really great records. (Though, their first two records are quite packed with unbridled energy).  At least in my world. I guess most of the downside for me has been the voice of Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth. It is  a bit hard to get used to, if you´ve listened to James Hetfield, Chuck Billy and Tom Araya a lot. Maybe I have been more openminded when getting older (I am not 100 years old, but close), but on this record I have accepted his voice. Not the best I´ve heard, but very unique and he also got that furious power and energy which you can´t pretend. Especially not when you´re around your 50´s. But it´s not just his voice I have learnt to like, the music on this record is very sharp and has a lot of youthful energy. The riffing is really great here, not many songs disappoint if any I would say. I think many young bands should listen and learn. Metallica did some really great records in the past, then they got too successful for their own good and made records they can´t be very proud of. Maybe this is what they should sound like today if they hadn´t grown too big. Over Kill still sound like they are in their late 20´s here. Bow to these fellas and show respect.

onsdag 23 januari 2013

DECREPIT CADAVER "The Beginning Of Depravity"

Usually I really like South American bands. They often got a passion to create music that is brutal but full of emotions and (unholy) spirit. These guys got all the ingridents a "brutal death metal band" should have. The typical riffs, the lyrics, the logo and the cd cover of something offending. But a band doesn´t sound good just by having these things included. They can play, and their vocalist has a decent (but boring) voice. But I lack passion, drive and songs that really stand out. For me, this is just a very generic death metal record without an identity. It´s just riff after riff without any hooks or the real ability to create a furious state of madness caused by a whirlwind of good riffs. Even the production is stale and generic. No punch. But along the way something happens!! When I suddenly hear the song "Delight of Suffering" I can hear good riffs, a cool solo and a vocal style that is much better than I heard on the earlier songs. It actually sounds like a different band!!  That shock continues the last four songs. The songs are good, and I am left in a state of confusion. Did they decide to change musical direction after song number 7? I am still very confused, but I give these guys a suggestion to let the next record sound like the four last songs on this record. These are high quality recordings.

DISMEMBER "Complete Demos"

You get to hear Dismember´s two vocalists here. On two thirds of the songs their old growler Robert Sennebäck screams, and on their last demo "Reborn in Blasphemy" their master growler Matti Kärki dominates. You can really hear the difference between 1988 and 1990, both in production, tightness and in style. First they sounded more like an obscure lo-fi black/death metal act, the voice included, but already their second demo was a huge step forward. Robert Sennebäck sounded like a young Martin Van Drunen, and the sound was more distinct and their coming sound began to take place. The production was still raw and unpolished but it fitted the music well.When Matti joined the ranks things started to sound like present Dismember. The sound was a bit heavier and more mature so to speak and Matti growled his way to hell with conviction even when he was a teenager. Earlier they haven´t found their trademark sound, the Sunlight guitars that were like chainsaws on steroids. But on the "Reborn in Blasphemy" demo everything was there. Bottomline, the three first songs are very great to hear in all their obscurity and primitivity. The second half of the songs are still very good and have stood the test of time It is always great to hear the development of a classic band. And this band are among the most classic ones we got, right?


AURA NOIR "Out To Die"

Mixing thrash and black metal have turned out be a almost mainstream style of music today. At least within the metal community. Combining the best of both worlds, the manic drive in good thrash and the vocals of someone black as the night, add to that some black metal melodies. The norweigans do this kind of ear candy very well and can be counted among the best in the business. Their first record released in 1996 is very praised in the metal scene, and I think this isn´t far behind. You get the almost poppy ( with choruses that could be on any hitlist, well at least when you discuss this kind of music) thrash with a lot of power and a production which is modern and "fat". It´s a kind of music that is meant to be underground, but is a very easily digested stew of metal music and with riffs to kill for. It´s not like listening to AC/DC but, you get a feeling of "party and headbanging" when you hear most of the songs. The focus is on creating riff beasts, instead of just creating neverending brutality with blastbeats all over. Any downsides? Well, I could ask for even more riffs to kill for. But in the end this a good slab of blackish thrash.


tisdag 22 januari 2013

ILLDISPOSED "Sense The Darkness"

I thought Illdisposed was a death metal band, well this is not what I thought it was. I have heard ém before but never liked what I´ve heard that much. Neither did I this time. Far too overproduced. Like a death metal band trying to be the Devildriver of death metal without succeeding. The riffs are kind of groovy all the time, but a lot of the melodies played are too lame. It´s not that I totally dislike the kind of music the danish guys play, but they seem to lack both passion and interesting riffs. They sound bored, and I don´t want to get the feeling, that someone is bored when playing metal. Metal should be played loud, with anger and lots of good riffing.. Maybe they lack inspiration and just want to release an album, no matter what. Almost all songs follow the same formula, groove and groove without a meaning followed by a generic chorus. Add to that a vocalist who is very one-dimensional, and he uses some kind of distorted reverb which just sounds strange. The two last songs have some parts that sound like a real death metal song, but that is not enough for a death metal head like me. I need some focus, energy and power. Can´t find plenty of it here.

måndag 21 januari 2013

POINT BLANK RAGE "Deadly Horizon"

Galy Records have signed legends like Gorguts and obscure cult acts like the thrash/speed band Soothsayer. And then they have signed these sadly underrated guys, here delivering their second album. According to metal archives they are a two-piece these days, but if you look at Last FM they are a four-piece, and a five-piece on one pic. Well, I guess the most up to date info is on MA. According to the info on the site I just mentioned, one of the guys play drums, but the drumsound on the record is a bit mechanical. For me, it sounds like programmed drums, not badly programmed though. Listen and find out yourself. The drums are a very minor problem if you listen to the overall music. What you get is death metal, not in the old school vein, nor in the mega-technical whirlwind style. It´s quality death metal with dual vocal attacks, furious guitar attacks and a feeling for creating killer songs and not just riffs on top of each other.They blend midpace parts with grind and there´s always a cruel feeling in the songs. The vocals are very raw and in your face. The guitarist/vocalist Eric Marsan has a voice a bit similar to Brett Hoffmann of Malevolent Creation. But I think this guy has a more distinct voice with more desperation in some parts. The production is quite clear, but I think it fits the music perfectly. This is north american death metal with so much attitude, balls and quality. You can´t dislike this. If you do, I bet your taste in music is not good death metal. I recently viewed their Facebook page and they only have 165 "likes" !! That is a disaster. C´mon these guys deserve your attention.

lördag 19 januari 2013

DEFILED "In Crisis"

Give me some bass, give me some bass!! The first sounds on this fourth album by Japanese death metallers are quite incredible, yet confusing. The bass is VERY audible, it sounds like the bassist Haruhisha Takahata was the producer of this album and decided to let the bass be the dominating force on this album. After a few listens it sounds quite cool and not so disturbing. Well, the bass isn´t in the forefront the whole time, but rather occasionally. I don´t know if that is the point, well if it is, it´s pretty unique. Unique or not, this is some hardhitting death metal the Japanese way. They have their own way of playing death metal, you can of course find influences from the american sound but this is more than a clone imitating Cannibal Corpse. Their sound is pretty much a combination of American death metal, German death metal like Obscenity and something that is hard to point your finger exactly on what it is, but the sound is very compressed and cold.The drums are also very upfront in the mix, but I think it gives the record a brutal vibe. The songs on this album is mostly very fast and the drummer has to work hard. Not grinding madness all the time, but a lot of speed. There are a lot of things happening in the songs, not like crazy tech death, but definitely technical and not something you play in your sleep bro. The songs are though a bit hard to seperate from each other, so I am asking for some more memorable riffing and a bit more dynamics.But I love the their way of not compromising with their sound. It is harder than granite, that is a true fact you can´t deny. The vocalist has a powerful growling style and he is tight and very convincing. A decent record with a production you either love or hate.


torsdag 17 januari 2013

ANTROPOFAGUS "Architecture Of Lust"

Death metal is a business that isn´t just for USA, Poland, Holland and should I say Sweden. For example Italy and France have actually some really good acts. One of my absolute fave death metal bands Hour Of Penance is of italian origin. And so is this band, signed to the label known for their brutal and offending artwork on their releases,Comatose Music. They don´t only release such stuff, but a lot of it is "eye-catching". This band´s record artwork is more towards many of the tech-death bands out there. Well, the music has some similarities with the aforementioned Hour Of Penance. There is a lot of high intensity songs, with grinding as the basic foundation. Their vocalist Tya has a typical but good death metal voice, not of the horrible kind that you find in all sorts of brutal death metal bands. This is for sure brutal, technical music and has a lot of things goin´on all the time. But the focus is on the music and not on the image. These guys can play and the vocalist knows how to growl without sounding like a pig. He actually articulates really well (not like Ross Dolan or David Vincent, but decent). Speaking of David Vincent, in "Sadisitic Illusive Puritanism" and "Det Helgeran av Haxor" you can hear something that reminds of  Morbid Angel´s  "Where the Slime Live". I would place these guys in the higher ranks of the European scene without a doubt. Just a few more riffs that stick into my head than it would be awesome. Now it is just very good.


tisdag 15 januari 2013

FUELED BY FIRE "Plunging Into Darkness"

The new wave of thrash metal soon makes us drown in bands, both generic and good ones. This is definitely one of the better ones, these americans has a style and production pretty similar to the almighty Havok and the first album of Bonded By Blood (If we exclude all the bands from the old days). Sharp riffing, great leads and musicianship that is better than your average band. People complained about their first album, saying it was too much of the "killing posers" lyrics. This time they have a more serious approach, or should I say a more common approach with lyrics leaning more towards most death and thrash bands. First of all, the music on this one is what you have (possibly) learnt to love. Hard hitting, intense thrash with the intention to break bones and start riots, combined with a modern, yet organic "1986 production". Every band member is very good at each instrument, and it´s very entertaining and fun to listen to. Today it is very hard to stand out in the overcrowded thrash scene. The only thing you can do is to write good riffs and have a tight rhythmsection. In that section, these guys succeed. I just love this kind of thrash metal as long as the band writes GREAT riffs. "Plunging Into Darkness" makes me wanna mosh all night, and my mood just improves with each song. The energy level on this record is just below 10, and I hope they continue in the same direction. Fueled By Fire is one of the winners in the riff competion. This one got balls.


måndag 14 januari 2013

NEAR DEATH CONDITION "The Disembodied - In Spiritual Spheres"

Quite hard to remember the title of this record, luckily the music isn´t easily forgettable. This is what I call a undiscovered treasure. I know that their label Unique Leader have released some amazing records through the years, but I think a couple of them are pretty generic too. Not bad musically or technically, but rather boring listening to. Same kind of production and same kind of death metal, generally. It´s pretty hard to be a death metal band today, the range of bands are overwhelming and the availability through internet makes at least me very picky. I used to buy a lot of records, but today I mostly buy the absolute best ones, or the "must have´s" on independent labels with almost no distribution in my country. It is always good to pick up some "underground candy" that nobody else owns. Anyway, this band from Switzerland was quite a surprise for me and their music is nothing short of bombastic high speed death metal in the vein of Hate Eternal and the likes. Even some of the guitar solos are influenced by Erik Rutan & Co. They are not just a clone, they have some fresh ideas up their sleeves I must say. Even if I have heard this kind of death metal many times before, there are just a few bands that impress me today. Incredibly talented band I should say, the riffs, production and vocalstyle just screams: "This means war, we are here to destroy your speakers and mind with our US-influenced death metal with a lot of amazingly performed grind parts and speedy chunky riffs" The production of this record is just perfect, all the instruments sound like monsters. Not too clear, but very "in your face" and intense all over, maybe the bassdrums are a bit upfront in the mix, but hey I don´t really care. You will certainly get your dose of high speed death metal here, maybe some of the riffs could be more memorable, but I freakin´worship this record.

fredag 11 januari 2013

NOMINON "The Cleansing"

Some things are quite new in the Nominon camp. Change of label and vocalist since 2010 have made them possibly more hungry for death than ever(!) It was a big success getting signed by Deathgasm Records since that label is great.They are among the five best death metal labels in the States,  according to my taste. Their two last records have had amazingly good looking covers too. Totally old school of course, and very detailed artwork. This is their first record (The two song EP Manifestation of Black excluded) with their vocalist Henke Skoog, and he´s doin´his best to tear us apart while the band play their brand of death metal with big conviction. It´s never easy to spread the legacy of the so called "swedish death metal" on and on. It is always hard to make something good even better, especially when records like "Left Hand Path" have been released. But let´s forget about the past, and focus on the present. This record is actually pretty packed with good riffs, good production with none of the instruments overshadowing the other and a very capable vocalist on top of that. Like a 90´s production in an updated version. The music itself is of course death metal, death metal and death metal again with a lot of excellent grinding.Of course not played in a fancy way, but very ugly and possessed by unholy demons from the graves of filth. I can also hear a few black metal riffs here and there, which spices up the music and makes it sound fresh and vital. A few more amazing riffs and the score would be higher. Anyway this must be one of the best records released by a swedish death metal band in 2012.


torsdag 10 januari 2013

COLOSSO "Abrasive Peace"

One man portugese killing machine with hired session drummer goes experimental death metal, with traces of both the polish bands Hate and Behemoth mostly vocalwise and some of the songs have influences of both bands. The british experimental death metal duo Mithras have either inspired this guy a lot or maybe he hasn´t even heard them, though they are not very famous . Either way, a lot of the songs have the trademarks of Mithras. Abstract soundscapes with guitars almost sounding electronic, and some actual electronic sounds and very powerful songs with a lot of  great riffing, solos in a very unique way I haven´t heard a lot except by Mithras and possibly a few others. Very interesting and well thought out with a mysterious atmosphere often present. This is also a death metal record with great power and punch. A marriage made in hell between Behemoth/Hate and Mithras. Amazing. This guy has released two records so far, and it´s actually so great sounding that he deserves a record deal with let´s say Century Media, Listenable or even Nuclear Blast. Yes this music is really well done, not totally unique but nevertheless very entertaining and I bet he´s got some aces in his sleeve to release. Give the guy a band, and a budget. Then the sky is the limit.


Many things have been said about the swedish guitarhero from Stockholm, Sweden. One of them is that he hasn´t come up with interesting songs since the late eighties with a few exceptions. Almost everyone compares his later stuff to the classic ones he released when he was young, naive and full of "world domination dreams". People also say that he´s is just re-using the riffs and chromatic scales he´s always played. But if we just look at this record for what it is. Neo-classical rock/metal with a huge amount of the so called shredding included, it is a quite solid record. I am not a world class guitarplayer myself, but I can keep up and play ok, but I have learnt to hear if somebody knows what they´re doing. And even if Yngwie´s ego is larger than life and he is a very difficult person to deal with, he´s a monster on his instrument. Some say he´s just supertechnical but has no "feeling" when he plays. On this record he plays a  few different styles. Some songs include blues, and some pieces sound a bit spanish influenced, which he plays very well and he also (of course) plays fast just to make all the shredders out there jelous. Otherwise it´s that neoclassical stuff he often does with powermetal added to the mix, not very innovative but it fulfills its purpose. The only thing that I dislike on this record is the vocals. Yngwie has changed vocalists almost his entire career, and this time he handles the vocals himself. He just sings on three songs, but I don´t know what´s the point of not hiring anyone else, ´cause Yngwie has a voice that is quite boring, not very much of a rock/metal vocalist. Maybe there were trouble with hiring other vocalists due to Yngwie´s temper or something else we don´t know. I think this is why we either hate him or love him. He is a genius, and there´s a very thin line between a genius and a madman. The untamed genius of the axe has released another album, and he will continue until he turns 80 or something. If we exclude the vocals, this record is really great. The guitarplaying is painfully well done.


onsdag 9 januari 2013

DISGORGE "Gore Blessed To The Worms"

This mexican act live up the the reputation of what a band from Mexico should sound like. It is relentless, wild and just amazingly sick. These gore/grind/death fantatics has abused their instruments and throats since 1994 and on this one released 7 years ago they give us more of the well known formula. You gotta love bands that totally just don´t give a shit about commercial success and keep doing music that is so much underground that it´s almost buried(!) If you´ve heard the american Disgorge, you know these lads play a form of music that is even more primitive. Their sound is pretty equal to eastern European gore/grind bands with a quite muddy sound and a feeling of being dismembered in a gruesome, but adorable way. You can also hear traces of old Carcass and their worshippers Exhumed. In two songs they have actually incorporated some slightly melodic parts (for a few seconds), just to make your breathe a bit easier just before they attack you again. Don´t worry, they haven´t turned melodic. This is a great record for your next family meeting. Granny will love it.


tisdag 8 januari 2013

DERANGED "Cut, Carve, Rip, Serve"

Swedish death metal has a lot of different bands in differents genres, and this is one of the more extreme bands among the more famous ones. Deranged has a very specific sound, the drums often have that weird marching pace at least on the their last three records, and they regularly use pinch harmonics in their songs to spice things up. The riffs are always crazy, wild and full of different rhythm patterns.The production serves its purpose, it´s well executed without a lot of flaws like strange snare drum sound or so.  I think you either love their brand of brutal death metal with lyrics about very violent stuff, or you hate it. In the long run the music can sound a bit generic, but for me it´s some kind of love/hate relationship. It sticks into my brain like glue, a rotten twisted and great glue actually. The riffs never seem to sound generic to me, just mezmerising and very headbangable. The vocalist Martin Schonherr is doin´t his grunts really well. Not the best I´ve heard, but he does the job with conviction and charisma. Death metal is served. Slay and grind as song number four says.


måndag 7 januari 2013

DEEDS OF FLESH "Trading Pieces"

When I first heard Deeds Of Flesh in 1999, they just blew me away. When I could, I directly ordered a shirt of the band and listened to all their records they released year by year. I love Mike Hamilton´s drumming, with his tricky rhythm patterns and Erik´s growling voice and frenetic riffing, combined with Jacoby Kingston´s crazy screams. The riffs are pretty straightforward on this full length debut, but still technical and easy to recoginze as Deeds Of Flesh. It´s not hard to understand that these fellas are known as the gods of the so cal style of brutal death metal. They were really early to play this kind of death metal and they have had followers to this date trying to bringing forth the devastation and the feeling of getting hit by a train at high speed. Although this record is released in 1996 it still sounds fresh and full of hell so to speak. All the trademarks of their sound were already there, even if they have developed their sound on later records. This is among the absolute masterpieces in this genre. Not many bands signed to either Comatose, Sevared or other brutal death metal labels have come up with something equally as brutal, well performed and incredibly catchy at the same time. This is a classic death metal record. Any flaws on this record? I think it´s hard to really pinpoint anything bad on this one. Maybe some of the songs sound a bit similar. But that is a minor flaw since they all kick major ass.

FACE OF OBLIVION "The Embers of Man"

James Lee, does that name tell you anything? He´s been the main vocalist of the masters of controlled chaos for 9 years.  His voice is very easy to recognize, since his "highs" are very sharp and distinct. Totally outstanding and wild vocal style I would say. Anyway, here he is with his new band since 2008. I guess musical and personal differences made him stop screaming in Origin, because this band is very similar to Origin in every sense of the word. Ultra technical, fast and with a lot of typical Origin-like riffing. I was surprised and very impressed when Origin´s debut album hit the scene in 2000. It was so intense, extremely technical, so brutal and so very in your face. Yes, I am talking about Origin again, because what I wanna say is that this band fulfills its function when it comes to mega super brutal death metal with one million riffs, but and there´s a big BUT. Origin has already released several albums in the same vein, and if you want a copy (A very good copy though) you can buy this too. If you can´t enough of James´ voice and "Origin number two", I think you will worship this. Overall I have mixed feelings about this record. Totally crushing, but it left me with feelings of wanting something more unique.


söndag 6 januari 2013

DEHUMANIZED "Controlled Elite"

Some bands release new records every year if it´s possible. The lust for writing music just never ends. Some bands releases records less regularly, but if they are among the "classic" bands, there will always be an audience for their records, even if it takes 14 years to release full lenght number two. New Yorker´s Dehumanized give us their new slab of death metal right were the old one left off. You get the growling voice, teamed up with the higher screams, the extremely heavy breakdowns. A mix of both streetwise lyrics this time and the more usual death metal expression in the lyrics, and of course the parts I can´t help but just worship. A band that knows how to grind along with a nice tremolo picked passage and does it good is always better than a band who relies on just heavy pounding all the way, with a few exceptions like Jungle Rot. You can of course hear similarities with bands like Internal Bleeding and Suffocation, a great mix of groove and madness. This record doesn´t sound tired and boring, but very fresh and intense. Traces of boredom might be the case with some bands releasing stuff with a timegap of one and a half decade. It´s really tight, heavy and well executed death metal the New York way with lots of great riffs. The one and only flaw is the second riff in "Soiled" which sounds too melodic and dull for this powerhouse. Yes, one riff is the only thing I complain about! The production is a bit clearer than their debut´s sound, but still chunky as hell. Welcome back among the elite guys!


fredag 4 januari 2013

THIRST FOR REVENGE "Annihilation of Races"

Another one-man band (formerly known as Cerebral Torture) trying to destroy everything in its path. Along with one man killingmachines like Bloodsoaked and Putrid Pile this spanish guy tries his best to sound like a band. He manages quite well, despite the drum machine. The drum machine sounds well programmed, and is sometimes hard to recognize as a "machine". The music we get is brutal and fast death metal with a lot of twists and turns, though it´s quite easily digested death metal, catchy most of the time. You get some of the boring pig squeals, but he mostly delivers a powerful death metal voice which is pretty clear actually. It´s still death metal of course, so the voice is vicious and angry. Thirst for Revenge has similiraties with a lot of death metal bands in the same league but it´s not like "This band sounds exactly like Gorgasm, Severed Savior or Deeds of Flesh" The guy has taken influences from different brutal bands and made a record that is very well done. If I compare the aforementioned Putrid Pile and Bloodsoaked this is a bit more technical most of the time. Productionwise we get chunky guitars and not many flaws along the way.


onsdag 2 januari 2013

KNUCKLEDUST "Bluffs, Lies & Alibis"

Knuckledust is one of the best and most dominating forces among the so called beatdown hardcore bands. Since I first heard them in 2003 I´ve liked them, they combine a brutal force with headbangable riffs and the very good vocalist Pelbu who screams and shouts without mercy. His voice is "sticky and harsh" This time around we got more of the same stuff, yet it is still as catchy as ever. Like a lethal combination of the New York hardcore scene and the UK style. You get full punch songs with sing a long choirs and the streetwise lyrics. On this record they have composed one of their most radio friendly songs ever, the titletrack. Maybe they want some great success in their homecountry. Otherwise it´s meat, and chainsaws all the way.  No comprimises. They give us what we want. High quality hardcore, with lyrics about things that happen in dark alleys at night.


tisdag 1 januari 2013

TORMENTED "Graveyard Lust"

Pretty cool cover and pretty good music. Swedish death metal has a very specific sound as you probably know. It started over 2 decades ago in a little studio in a suburb to Stockholm. Almost every more or less famous swedish death metal band has recorded their albums there. Tormented is very inspired by that sound, mixed with a little more up to date sound. Like a mix between old and newer era swedish death metal with a bit punky attitude here and there. Since there has been millions of records sounding like that, you gotta come up with some really good to make people pay attention today. If you have listened anything to Entombed (era early 2000) lately you know approximately how this is goin´to sound. A bit more polished sound than 1990, but still raw and with that harsh voice, it´s not death metal growls and it´s not thrash metal shouts/singing but something in between. Pretty near the voice L-G Petrov in Entombed uses today. The music itself is semi catchy if I use a lousy word and has a couple of good songs. But it´s nothing that I will remember for very long. Good but nothing earth shattering. Great looking logo though. Classy.