lördag 26 januari 2013

OBLIVION "Call To Rise"

Gone are the days when labels signed everything in sight. This band is unsigned, but if you listen to the production, the music and the sheer professionalism on this record you can´t do nothing but getting surprised they don´t have a label behind them. They have a guy of All Shall Perish-fame in the ranks, otherwise there are pretty unknown guys in this band. But as I already told you, this is very good. What do we get here? To use a cliche´, it´s thinking man´s death metal. Very technical (though not overly technical), very thought out and also very, if not totally unique but well written songs in every sense of the word. Technical death metal bands have popped out of the universe like a plauge lately, so it is pretty hard to be "the king of the mountain" so to speak. Since there are hordes of good musicians out there, the thing that seperates the bad from the good is the capacity to write good songs, and not just a million notes and rhythm patterns you quickly get tired of. Bands like Obscura have added too much soft melodies lately that sound a bit out place, but Oblivion don´t use sweet melodies that much. It´s sometimes melodic, but It´s always a touch of darkness present in their songs.Speaking of wankery, Oblivion never play technical stuff just for the sake of it. There is always a reason for every note played. They also have a top notch vocalist in Nick Vasallo, mixing between highs and lows with ease. You will also hear all instrumental songs in the end, made by an orchestra. That is kind of unique, huh? Send this band on a tour with Fleshgod Apocalypse and you will have a tour package that will rule. Any label ready for a deal?


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