tisdag 4 juni 2013

LECHEROUS NOCTURNE "Behold The Almighty Doctrine"

Back again after a little hiatus. Busy schedule lately. Back again to review the long awaited new album from one of my favouritebands when it comes to creating brutal, technical  and crude death metal with one main goal, to destroy and demand the listener to really listen and not just "headbang" cause this is some intense stuff. Their first record was more generic, but still good. Generic can be good as long as it has some kind of dirty energy and personality. The last one was a real blast and this new one is kind of a natural continuation of their ferocious slab of violent music. You can hear influences from bands like Japan´s Desecravity, Hate Eternal at their most extreme times, Angelcorpse(the furious typical riffing now and then) and Malignancy(crazy rhythm patterns) add to that some black metal chords  but with their unique own twist, blackened horrifying death metal is a quite good description of this one. At first it can be a bit hard to take in everything that happens on this disc, cause there is wonderful controlled chaos goin´on. Both the guitars and drums play some really technical stuff, I will not mention twentyfive different kinds of techinques that are being used, since I am not really interested in musical theory but the music that is played as an artform. These guys incorporate pretty much everything you want from a great death metal band, maybe the rhythm patterns they use are at times a bit hard to digest even for the most diehard death metal fanatic. It´s very intense, not in a Origin way but it almost hurts when you listen to this, because of the extreme amount of bonebreaking passages that are not for the weak of heart. The vocals, that are flawless, clear and throaty at the same time with a lot of power, the riffing, the drums, that absolutely kill, he blasts tightly like a madman,and the production are all very in your face, actually they can all together break faces(!) I can feel when I am listening to this that sometimes I want more dynamics, cause some of the memorable songs got lost within all the whirlwinds of chaotic riffing and drumming. This one is excellent if you want to clear your brain and have an evening full of headcracking riffs. If you want something more easy to relax to , listen to "To Hell With God" by Deicide or something like that. Because this is death metal for musicians and people whom really like extreme, yet very good death metal with the intent to kill.