måndag 7 januari 2013

DEEDS OF FLESH "Trading Pieces"

When I first heard Deeds Of Flesh in 1999, they just blew me away. When I could, I directly ordered a shirt of the band and listened to all their records they released year by year. I love Mike Hamilton´s drumming, with his tricky rhythm patterns and Erik´s growling voice and frenetic riffing, combined with Jacoby Kingston´s crazy screams. The riffs are pretty straightforward on this full length debut, but still technical and easy to recoginze as Deeds Of Flesh. It´s not hard to understand that these fellas are known as the gods of the so cal style of brutal death metal. They were really early to play this kind of death metal and they have had followers to this date trying to bringing forth the devastation and the feeling of getting hit by a train at high speed. Although this record is released in 1996 it still sounds fresh and full of hell so to speak. All the trademarks of their sound were already there, even if they have developed their sound on later records. This is among the absolute masterpieces in this genre. Not many bands signed to either Comatose, Sevared or other brutal death metal labels have come up with something equally as brutal, well performed and incredibly catchy at the same time. This is a classic death metal record. Any flaws on this record? I think it´s hard to really pinpoint anything bad on this one. Maybe some of the songs sound a bit similar. But that is a minor flaw since they all kick major ass.


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