onsdag 2 januari 2013

KNUCKLEDUST "Bluffs, Lies & Alibis"

Knuckledust is one of the best and most dominating forces among the so called beatdown hardcore bands. Since I first heard them in 2003 I´ve liked them, they combine a brutal force with headbangable riffs and the very good vocalist Pelbu who screams and shouts without mercy. His voice is "sticky and harsh" This time around we got more of the same stuff, yet it is still as catchy as ever. Like a lethal combination of the New York hardcore scene and the UK style. You get full punch songs with sing a long choirs and the streetwise lyrics. On this record they have composed one of their most radio friendly songs ever, the titletrack. Maybe they want some great success in their homecountry. Otherwise it´s meat, and chainsaws all the way.  No comprimises. They give us what we want. High quality hardcore, with lyrics about things that happen in dark alleys at night.


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