onsdag 9 januari 2013

DISGORGE "Gore Blessed To The Worms"

This mexican act live up the the reputation of what a band from Mexico should sound like. It is relentless, wild and just amazingly sick. These gore/grind/death fantatics has abused their instruments and throats since 1994 and on this one released 7 years ago they give us more of the well known formula. You gotta love bands that totally just don´t give a shit about commercial success and keep doing music that is so much underground that it´s almost buried(!) If you´ve heard the american Disgorge, you know these lads play a form of music that is even more primitive. Their sound is pretty equal to eastern European gore/grind bands with a quite muddy sound and a feeling of being dismembered in a gruesome, but adorable way. You can also hear traces of old Carcass and their worshippers Exhumed. In two songs they have actually incorporated some slightly melodic parts (for a few seconds), just to make your breathe a bit easier just before they attack you again. Don´t worry, they haven´t turned melodic. This is a great record for your next family meeting. Granny will love it.


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