torsdag 10 januari 2013

COLOSSO "Abrasive Peace"

One man portugese killing machine with hired session drummer goes experimental death metal, with traces of both the polish bands Hate and Behemoth mostly vocalwise and some of the songs have influences of both bands. The british experimental death metal duo Mithras have either inspired this guy a lot or maybe he hasn´t even heard them, though they are not very famous . Either way, a lot of the songs have the trademarks of Mithras. Abstract soundscapes with guitars almost sounding electronic, and some actual electronic sounds and very powerful songs with a lot of  great riffing, solos in a very unique way I haven´t heard a lot except by Mithras and possibly a few others. Very interesting and well thought out with a mysterious atmosphere often present. This is also a death metal record with great power and punch. A marriage made in hell between Behemoth/Hate and Mithras. Amazing. This guy has released two records so far, and it´s actually so great sounding that he deserves a record deal with let´s say Century Media, Listenable or even Nuclear Blast. Yes this music is really well done, not totally unique but nevertheless very entertaining and I bet he´s got some aces in his sleeve to release. Give the guy a band, and a budget. Then the sky is the limit.


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