onsdag 23 januari 2013

DECREPIT CADAVER "The Beginning Of Depravity"

Usually I really like South American bands. They often got a passion to create music that is brutal but full of emotions and (unholy) spirit. These guys got all the ingridents a "brutal death metal band" should have. The typical riffs, the lyrics, the logo and the cd cover of something offending. But a band doesn´t sound good just by having these things included. They can play, and their vocalist has a decent (but boring) voice. But I lack passion, drive and songs that really stand out. For me, this is just a very generic death metal record without an identity. It´s just riff after riff without any hooks or the real ability to create a furious state of madness caused by a whirlwind of good riffs. Even the production is stale and generic. No punch. But along the way something happens!! When I suddenly hear the song "Delight of Suffering" I can hear good riffs, a cool solo and a vocal style that is much better than I heard on the earlier songs. It actually sounds like a different band!!  That shock continues the last four songs. The songs are good, and I am left in a state of confusion. Did they decide to change musical direction after song number 7? I am still very confused, but I give these guys a suggestion to let the next record sound like the four last songs on this record. These are high quality recordings.


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