tisdag 15 januari 2013

FUELED BY FIRE "Plunging Into Darkness"

The new wave of thrash metal soon makes us drown in bands, both generic and good ones. This is definitely one of the better ones, these americans has a style and production pretty similar to the almighty Havok and the first album of Bonded By Blood (If we exclude all the bands from the old days). Sharp riffing, great leads and musicianship that is better than your average band. People complained about their first album, saying it was too much of the "killing posers" lyrics. This time they have a more serious approach, or should I say a more common approach with lyrics leaning more towards most death and thrash bands. First of all, the music on this one is what you have (possibly) learnt to love. Hard hitting, intense thrash with the intention to break bones and start riots, combined with a modern, yet organic "1986 production". Every band member is very good at each instrument, and it´s very entertaining and fun to listen to. Today it is very hard to stand out in the overcrowded thrash scene. The only thing you can do is to write good riffs and have a tight rhythmsection. In that section, these guys succeed. I just love this kind of thrash metal as long as the band writes GREAT riffs. "Plunging Into Darkness" makes me wanna mosh all night, and my mood just improves with each song. The energy level on this record is just below 10, and I hope they continue in the same direction. Fueled By Fire is one of the winners in the riff competion. This one got balls.


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