tisdag 1 januari 2013

TORMENTED "Graveyard Lust"

Pretty cool cover and pretty good music. Swedish death metal has a very specific sound as you probably know. It started over 2 decades ago in a little studio in a suburb to Stockholm. Almost every more or less famous swedish death metal band has recorded their albums there. Tormented is very inspired by that sound, mixed with a little more up to date sound. Like a mix between old and newer era swedish death metal with a bit punky attitude here and there. Since there has been millions of records sounding like that, you gotta come up with some really good to make people pay attention today. If you have listened anything to Entombed (era early 2000) lately you know approximately how this is goin´to sound. A bit more polished sound than 1990, but still raw and with that harsh voice, it´s not death metal growls and it´s not thrash metal shouts/singing but something in between. Pretty near the voice L-G Petrov in Entombed uses today. The music itself is semi catchy if I use a lousy word and has a couple of good songs. But it´s nothing that I will remember for very long. Good but nothing earth shattering. Great looking logo though. Classy.


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