tisdag 8 januari 2013

DERANGED "Cut, Carve, Rip, Serve"

Swedish death metal has a lot of different bands in differents genres, and this is one of the more extreme bands among the more famous ones. Deranged has a very specific sound, the drums often have that weird marching pace at least on the their last three records, and they regularly use pinch harmonics in their songs to spice things up. The riffs are always crazy, wild and full of different rhythm patterns.The production serves its purpose, it´s well executed without a lot of flaws like strange snare drum sound or so.  I think you either love their brand of brutal death metal with lyrics about very violent stuff, or you hate it. In the long run the music can sound a bit generic, but for me it´s some kind of love/hate relationship. It sticks into my brain like glue, a rotten twisted and great glue actually. The riffs never seem to sound generic to me, just mezmerising and very headbangable. The vocalist Martin Schonherr is doin´t his grunts really well. Not the best I´ve heard, but he does the job with conviction and charisma. Death metal is served. Slay and grind as song number four says.


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