måndag 8 oktober 2012


This british fivepiece has developed from a deathcore unit to a lethal highspeed death metal machine. They manage to keep the songs fresh, despite the often breakneck pace and intense fury. They mix things up too, between the outbreaks of fleshgrinding whirlwinds the kind of solos these guys create are nothing short of amazing. And yes, they use a breakdown now and then. But hey, if it adds diversity and depth to the music why care? They have much more in common with Hate Eternal than dumbass deathcore bands with no identity at all. I think they pretty much have all the ingridients that is needed to create a death metal record that will give you a time of total annihilation while still keeping ideas fresh and the oh so importants dynamics. With dynamics I mean not just faceless blasting, but the ability to play music that is full of interesting twists and musicality that both attack all your  senses and gives you the urge to start a moshpit. On top of that they have a vocalist that knows how to articulate while still sounding like a beast. British steel.


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