måndag 15 oktober 2012

HEATHEN "The Evolution of Chaos"

I remember when I picked up their debut album "Breaking The Silence" in 1987. I bought at a grocery store(!) and since I was into thrash already at that time I was eager to get home and put it on. And what a record, I played it for years in a row. Bands like Metallica, Exodus, Nuclear Assault, Testament and Slayer got all the attention and many many good bands were left in the shadows. What do I wanna say? This is one of the best melodic yet aggressive thrash bands ever to have existed on this planet, but most people don´t know them. Only the diehards like me and people interested in quality music. And this record which was released 18 years after their second album is a total eargasm. This one is even more progressive than the last one, I should call this record epic. It´s so full of amazingly performed guitar solos and great melodies that you can´t help but worship it. But it´s NOT too melodic, It has a lot of aggressive parts and great riffs all over the place.
If you add the best elements of   Metallica before they went alternative rock(Ride The Ligthning, Master Of Puppets, And Justice For All)   and mix it with  present Testament. Than you add some Death Angel styled riffing, King Diamond melodies and you pretty much got it. But these guys are no copycats, they are legendary geniuses. I just try to explain how they sound roughly. You gotta listen to this epic, proggresive, aggressive, amazingly written, stunning, headbangable, outstanding piece of world class metal. YOU NEED THIS. This is the real deal. Music that will always stand the test of time.


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