lördag 27 oktober 2012

SQUASH BOWELS "Grindvirus"

Poland has a lot of high quality death metal these days, but this band plays grind or if you wanna call it goregrind. The production is a bit muddy but dirty and heavy as it should be. This cd is released by the almighty Willowtip Records, and if you´re familiar with that label you know they are just behind Relapse when it comes to signing quality grindcore bands,(maybe they were more in the frontline a few years ago) although I prefer Willowtip before Relapse. This bunch of grinding maniacs from Poland is kind of unknown yet, even if they are favorites at festivals like Obscene Extreme I think. They give us a great cd here, with a lot of groove and frantic grinding. The common thread is never lost in the songs, and there is a good flow in each of the songs, the vocalist Artur Grassman has a really nice scream and he also delivers a evil growl in the songs which adds some heaviness to the overall impression.This is grind for people who doesn´t give a fuck about trends and wants to be a needle in they eye on average Joe that plays disco music every friday for all his trendy friends. Fuck things up with this record. Play it loud.


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