söndag 7 oktober 2012

SINISTER "The Carnage Ending"

This dutch legendary but criminally underrated old school death metal outfit, releases their 10th fullength album. Maybe this is the last opus they will release according to the title. I hope not, cause this is great death metal in the vein of Malevolent Creation circa "Doomsday X" versus "In Cold Blood". I must say this is one of the most pummeling records they have released. The pace is mostly high and the riffs will  pulverize you into a pile of bones.One of the highlights is the inimitable vocalist Aad Kloosterwaard . He sounds as angry as ever and he has managed to gather a bunch of guys again (The line up changes have been like an endless nightmare) that know how to play some awesome death metal with leads you envy and a drummer who handles the kit as a pro, indeed great. I know some of their latest material have been critcized, which I think is a bit undserved. They have always delivered the goods, with no frills death metal, and this  time they have done right in almost every way. This is hardhititting death metal, meant to destroy with a lot of great solos, in the end you will be pounded into dust, and that is all that matters. Forget about your collection of american bands for a while and listen to this dutch death metal machine!


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