måndag 22 oktober 2012

OFFENDING "Age Of Perversion"

France has never been very famous for producing high class death metal bands. But lately it has been a change of that fact, bands like Svart Crown, Kronos, Gorod, Offending, Benighted and the commerical "used to be death metal" success Gojira have released a lot of good records. Easily comparable to the best in the scene.And this one is no exception, I was really surprised when I found this band on the  "Metal Manicas" website and realized that they destroyed a lot of bands that have gained greater success abroad. I don´t know about their budget, but they have a really powerful production, not soft and clean but heavy and clean with rough edges. They also combine technical knowledge,great vocals, tight musicianship, great lyrics and a capability to write songs that include both fast grinding parts and bone crushing heaviness without losing any of its flow. Flow is a words that comes to mind when listening to this. Every part fits together and it  brings a feeling of experienced musicians and a lot of practicing. Three of them are featured in the technical/experimental black metal band Asmodee. What we get here  is a really great trip into the realm of death metal, and it´s a  great cover art too. Evil and ancient priests making the masses obey them in a church. Great music and great artwork. Well done.


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