onsdag 24 oktober 2012

PAINFUL DEFLORATION "Antisocial Antihuman"

Ukranian grind isn´t something we´re spoilt with, especially not good Ukranian grind. This band have been around since 2006 and this is their third album. I haven´t heard the previous ones, so I can´t compare ém. What I do know is that this is well performed grind, it isn´t much of death metal in this piece of destroying music. It´s pure grind with a relentless force and a good amount of hooks and a great tight drummer, he doesn´t play any spectacular rhythms or so, (but hey it´s grind not Meshuggah) but he´s very good at what he´s doin´. Speedy and powerful drumming. Back to the songs, they are for sure inspired by bands like Nasum not "pot style grind" like Brutal Truth , I find them pretty unique and not like a bland copycat using riffs that has been used a million times . At least they play the songs with passion and fire with a good amount of riffing for your head to bang to, that is a very important point these days when there are so many bands playing this kind of music. Instead of being unique and using trumpets, you can make good music by showing the crowd that "this is important to us, we play like there´s no tomorrow"  That is what these guys do. They invide us to a pretty awesome grindfest which you can´t refuse to join.


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