fredag 19 oktober 2012


I had the oppurtunity to see these swedish masters of technical death mastery this spring. And yes It was quite an experience, it´s pretty hard to exactly describe how these lads play, because to understand you have to keep yourself locked in for like 10 years and practice all possible musical theory and having daily fretboard gymnastics . Except for that you must learn how to use eight arms and legs to be a drummer of this kind. Well it is not music for guys and girls who likes their music easy and simple. They are like athletes, for example their bass player Erlend Caspersen who has played with like ten great death metal bands is for sure an athlete. He uses hiss bass as his gym equipment, He plays fast and his fingers are everywhere. It´s like a nightmare for every kid dreaming of being a decent musician. And their new dutch guitarplayer, he plays things that most people just can imagine, seemlessly without effort. Yes, I hate these guys because of their almost ridicolous talent, but I worship them for the reason that they somehow manage to create great songs in this tormenting nightmare of time changes, strange drum patterns and the amazing guitarplayer Jonas Bryssling´s ability to play guitar in a godly way . He writes a lot of the songs and here he delivers some of the most bizarre, amazingly written riffs I have heard in a while. He mixes both crushingly heavy and technically difficult fast riffing with classical style guitar and takes you on o trip to a realm where just his mind have been. It´s a magic world of rhythms that you can come close to if you listen to this weird and totally ingenious record. They manage to create GREAT songs out of millions of notes and strange drum patterns. And that is their greatness. They don´t sound like an Origin clone, they sound like a band that is impossible to mimic and have much more substance in their songs than mentioned band. It´s not just technical wankery, there are true song writing skills behind this long awaited album. Of course the  growler Dennis does a great job too. I prefer a bit more varied songstyle but he´s doing it decent. And yes he´s tight too.


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