torsdag 18 oktober 2012

ALL OUT WAR "Assassins in The House of God"

Can you fail with an album title like that? I have a penchant for "tough" and "evil" album- and track titles, this one must be one of the best, most thought provoking album titles I´ve heard. I really like bands that question the "holiness" of  the church and God. Anyway, this is the fourth album by these metalcore/thrash maniacs. And I don´t mean they play thrash all the time, but there are moments of Slayer riffing now and then. I would say they are one of the forerunners of the metalcore genre (Though they have much more in common with  the metal genre than the core dito). They begun in 1991, and what I can recall few of the big names in the scene nowadays started that early. I have been a big fan of this band since I heard this record the first time, first and foremost for the lyrical concept, the neverending anger which feels real,  and the crushingly brutal riffs, yet they all are quite catchy. This music is no fake and all the songs are so full of pent-up anger that it must be impossible to fake this. Anger, frustration, agony and an enormous amount of power and energy. And the vocalist, he is for sure a "screamer" but he convinces at least me with his lyrics about the apocalypse . All Out War is no joke. They play hard ball all the way and they mean it.


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