söndag 28 oktober 2012


During their twenty year career as a band they have released two EP:s and three fullenght albums. This is their third fullenght and they keep on doin´what they do best. Crazy technical death metal, and this time with slight math metal influences (it isn´t as bad as it may sound if you´re a purist). These influences come across the most when vocalist Danny Nelson mixes his high screams with very technical passages, you almost stumble yourself when you hear these guys playing ultra technical shit . This music isn´t meant to be memorable as in "writing catchy songs" ´cause it happens so much in the songs it´ almost impossible get a grip of the material the first times you´re listening to it, and yes they use pinch harmonics this time too in the songs. I think it adds diversity to the sound and makes it a more suggestive listening experience,  even they don´t overuse it. These crazy pot smokers(?) have done it again, crazy death metal for crazy death metal maniacs. Enjoy.


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