tisdag 30 oktober 2012

PUTRID PILE "Blood Fetish"

Shaun LaCanne is a sick m-therfucker, that is for sure. He has now released 4 albums, and this his fourth is the most diverse to date,and the lyrics are of course about death, decay and splattered bodyparts.The cover art is as usual as tasty as ever. The feeling with this record isn´t a "one man band" feeling. It is very professional produced though you can hear a drum machine is used, it´s well programmed at it´s not just everlasting blasting the whole album, he got some nice fills here and there and there are a moderate part of different drum patterns. This man creates actually great death metal, in the "broootal territory", he uses the awful pig squeals, moderately but he has a great growl too. There are a lot of good riffing here, and if you like your death metal in your face with no melodies and a lot of punch I guess you like this. This record is quite in the same vein as the other he has produced this far, so you know what you get here. As I told before the production is great, it´s crunchy and has a lot of power to it. Most brutal death metal records have a bit more muddy production, I like when you hear every instrument seperately, maybe the bass is a bit hidden in the mix but overall it´s a good production, well fitting the style of music. Well you get it, it´s brutal, it´s quite catchy and it´s not too much slam in this blood filled stew.


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