torsdag 25 oktober 2012

I CHAOS "The Human repellent"

This german/dutch band consists of one former Sinsister member and two guys from the german band Dew-Scented. And this is ONE HELL OF A BAND, they play a very riff based death metal with a tight rhythm section and the ability to pound the listener to dust. This music isn´t "broootal death metal" which I mostly dislike, this is much more sophisticated and well produced. But and there´s a big "but", this stuff kills and rips through your headbangable body until you can´t stand still. Not unlike swedish blasphemous death metal killing machine Aeon, except the lyrics as they don´t write anything about Satan and his friends. Their vocalist Joost Vand Der Graaf has a great growl, he articulates so you can actually understand his lyrics if you listen carefully, that´s the way I like it. This band has it all, except international success yet. But since this one is their first album I guess things will soon change. I bet they will have a huge following if they tour with a more famous band. Come on guys, come to Sweden and rip the place to shreds. As you already have understood, this album is incredible. Over and out.


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