tisdag 9 oktober 2012

INVERACITY "Extermination of Millions"

One of the better brutal death metal albums the last ten years. These italians give us one hell of a ride with this second album. It´s not easy to create brutality with a great flow within the songs, which they have done here. You could say they have managed to write a lot of death metal hits here. It´s not just fast and brutal, they create an atmosphere that is cold, dark and extremely exciting in every sense of the word. Not only have they been able to create songs that really grip the listener, they have also created an album that is impossible not to like even if you´re into regular metal. The songs are so easily digested also they are brutal as hell and the riffs are so full of imagination and great musicianship that you can´t help but just worship this record. Every record has its flaws, and even if they are hard to find here. You could ask for a bit more heavy  production. The guitars are a bit light in the mix. But what the hell, that´s just a minor complaint.


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