fredag 12 oktober 2012

DYING FETUS "Reign Supreme"

It´s time to grind and slam again guys and girls. You either love or hate these guys, but I think this record is their easiest to listen to this far. John Gallagher still growls too low for me at times, but he has improved as a vocalist this time by adding clearer growls. The music is full of catchy and technical riffing. The usual mix of grinding madness and totally heavy slam parts are still there. Though they have taken their songwriting skills to a new level this time. Even if it´s over the top brutal most of the time, they create riffs that you can actually remember afterwards and that is always a good thing. The drummer Trey Williams has the right kind of technical knowledge AND the oh so important ability to make a song better by adding incredible punch to the music. Sometimes I wish people outside the metal community would appreciate the work that is behind this kind of music. But well, I never think they will...and I don´t really care either. It´s not music for everyone and I don´t think it ever will be. But for us who care, this is punishing technical death metal that needs to be taken seriously.


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