måndag 22 oktober 2012

DIABOLIC "Excisions of Excorsisms"

The american death metal monsters attack with their lethal and neverending bombastic tornado of blastbeats and extremely fleshripping riffs. This band has somehow avoided to reach a wider audience, which to me is hard to understand. They always give us hardhitting US death metal, tightly performed and with an incredible amout of power and a sick way of playing sooo intense, yet easily digested music. They got their own sound, the guitars are all over the soundscape and their drummer Aantar Lee Coates is one hell of a tight blastmachine that destroys everything in his path. Their vocalist Paul shows a great way to handle the vocals, he´s like a hungy wolf waiting for blood. I think this record is their best to date, because while it is intense like a sandstorm in the Sahara desert it is still catchy as hell. You have to listen to this album to fully understand the amazing songwriting skills these guys possess. The hardest part as a band is to not repeat the song and riff patterns from the last record (especially in an extreme style of music as Diabolic´s high speed  death metal), Diabolic manages to develop their sound further with every record. While this stuff maybe isn´t as intense and bonegrinding as their "Infinity Through Purification" record, it´s a bit more memorable. Believe in their statement "Death metal at blasphemous speeds" and you´ll be greatly rewarded.


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