onsdag 24 oktober 2012

ENDSTILLE "Infektion 1813"

Black metal has been around for a while now, and there are more and more bands adapting the scandinavian style of playing black metal. This is more towards the swedish sound with bands like Marduk and Setherial. I like their approach with a good mix between fast and semi fast black metal. When bands have the ability to play fast and tight black metal that´s always a good thing. I think black metal is meant to be played fast, cause it gives you the feeling of complete downfall which is the whole point of playing this kind of godforsaken music. They create a great amount of horrifying atmospheres created by two guitars, bass and drums, though it sounds like there are like 20 guitars on this recording. The sound is so full like a punch in the face. I guess you can imagine what this sounds like. Great powerful black metal with lyrics about war and Satan. Not very unusual, but still a really good soundtrack to dark and gloomy days. Or why not a sunny day when you´re grilling your steaks next to your boring neighbours. They will for sure get a bit pissed I guess.


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