fredag 12 oktober 2012

MARDUK "Serpent Sermon"

The black metal legend is back with another piece of unholy material in the name of the goat. For over 20 years they have spread their blasphemous propaganda all over the world. I personally prefer when Marduk slays mercilessly, I think they´re best at top speed. This record gives you a lot of great high speed parts, but three songs are not that relentless, "Into Second Death", "Temple of Decay" and "World Of Blades". They are ok, but I rather push the skip button when they are slowing down. Maybe they don´t wanna do another "Panzer Division Marduk" and that is ok for me, BUT musical violence is their thing and when they speed things up, they really show their muscles. It´s black metal madness in its purest form. If you add the vocalist Mortuus you got a lethal combination that is hard to beat. Even if they have their trademark black metal melodies in their songs they destroy almost any competition. I mean you can find bands with NO melodies at all, and maybe some black metal purists think they have gone "overground" by selling too many records and having "too many fans" still nobody can deny the fact that these fellas slay.


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