onsdag 10 oktober 2012

DYSCARNATE "And So It Came To Pass"

A heavy sounding death metal monster. That´s the feeling I got when I put this record on. It´s that heavy dude. The first song is a instrumental monster called "The Weight of All Things" and it´s "weighty" that´s for sure. I rarely hear instrumental songs that really kick some serious ass. But this does. The rest of the record is a display of how riff based meaty death metal should be played at the top of the game. They mix the best of both extremely heavy passages and fierce grinding. But the first thing that comes to mind is the HEAVY production. That combined with the ability to write CRUSHING riffs makes this record stand out among the horde of copycats. And what about the vocalists? They are  fucking great too, one do the highs and the other the lows. I can´t understand the fact that this mean sounding machine is the sound of three well dressed short haired guys. I am sure they will destroy every avenue they play at. Essential !


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