tisdag 30 oktober 2012

 PATHOLOGY "The time of great purificaiton"

Pathology´s first cd was pretty gruesome with some sick doctors  ripping the flesh and blood out of someone
on the cover. With every cd they have improved the cover art to something more tasteful. A bit more tech-death inspired with a bit more abstract and thoughtful covers. So even this time, with a man standing on a narrow path and some "abstract circle in the sky" is throwing fire towards the earth. The music on this disc is pretty awesome with lots of slamming, groovin´, grinding and great leads. Actually I can stand the awful vocals because the music itself is so well performed and more towards death metal with tech parts than just brutal death metal. There is so much going on  in this bloody stew of heavy death metal. It happens a lot in the songs, without being overly technical or boring. This one really punches you in the face, while still having a lot of dynamics and a great amount of hooks to bang your head to. It´s not "too slammy" or stale. If you mix the best of bands like Devourment, Dying Fetus and Disgorge US you pretty much got what this sounds like. The only flaw is the vocals,otherwise it kicks major ass.


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