torsdag 11 oktober 2012

LECHEROUS NOCTURNE "The Age Of Miracles Has Passed"

US death metal is stronger than ever. There are so many bands that deliver terminating fucking music that destroys almost everything that comes in its way. Lecherous Nocturne is one of these bands. Aggressive and extremely hardhitting death metal. One band that comes to mind is a bit more technical Malevolent Creation, both soundwise and vocalwise. They do have a slight black metal influence too in some parts. But most of the time they play total skullcrushing death metal. They have a technichal approach especially in the grinding parts that may be a little hard to digest at first, if you´re not used to this kind of music (But I guess you are, if you´ve found this website). They don´t play like Origin or Spawn Of Possession , but it happens a lot in the songs and you will hear more and more details the more you listen to it .The music is complex and crude. I just can´t stop listen to this kind of songs, ´cause it has some kind of  mesmerizing effect on me.


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