torsdag 29 november 2012

INCANTATION "Vanquish In Vengeance"

I remember when I met their vocalist John McEntee John in 2004 at a gig and he was the most humble guy you could think of. He thanked me for coming to the show and told me he appreciated the support. Very nice indeed. And I got my record signed too. Well, that was then this is now. It has been six years since their last record and you gotta love these guys, they always come up with cool blasphemous song titles hard to remember and their trademark old school death metal with dissonant melodies and slow crushing passages. John sounds haunted and the guys are playing tightly, even if it´s dirty and crude it needs to be tight, huh. This time around they have got the best production ever, it still sounds organic and non computerized of course, but it´s not the "muddy feeling" from the past. You can hear the instruments well, and distinguish them from each other. The songs this time are not anything that you haven´t heard before, but that is exactly what you want from Incantation. Many of the lyrics are about killing in the name of god on this record and not just about hating christianity. I know one band that totally worship Incantation, their name is Father Befouled. Compare their music if you haven´t heard ém. Icons have followers and Incantation are legends in their game. Let´s just hope that it won´t take six years to release the next album


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