torsdag 8 november 2012

AMON "Liar In Wait"

The Hoffman Brothers revenge on Deicide, and it´s a pretty brutal revenge for sure. It´s never easy to write a review about a record that so many people have an opinion about. But this is pretty good stuff, you will not here any synthesizers nor any "Gothenburg melodies". This is death metal in the vein of the more recent Deicide, with a lot of tight blasting and technical guitar stuff. Alternate picking sections and impressively clean sweep picking, all played flawlessly with lightning speed. If you like later Deicide, you´ll probably like this, ´cause even their experienced vocalist Jesse Jolly  is reminiscent of Glen Benton. You will even here those "double voices" performed. What differs from Deicide is the music itself,which is a bit more brutal and technical. You will not fall asleep during this, nor you will find it amazingly entertaining. This is highly skilled death metal but not a lot of "death metal hits" are found here. The musical aspect of this record is more interesting, since it is a very technical but not just "a lot of wankery for the sake of it" record. You can really hear that these guys have made their homework when it comes to creating songs with great dynamics. Even though it´s good music, I don´t get the feeling of a great record ´cause there is a lack of really great riffs. . Maybe it´s a grower.


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