tisdag 27 november 2012

HAVOK "Time Is Up"

The cover is as ugly as my old and worn out underpants, but the music is incredible. It´s riff based thrash metal the retro style with enough modern influences to make it fresh and vital. The guitarsound of this record is razorsharp. And I mean RAZZZZOORsharp. The sound of the guitars can cut through glass and the riffing is precise and extremely well executed throughout the record. What makes this record so good is their ability to write extremely energetic yet very catchy songs in the name of old school thrash metal, but made with recent technology.  I started listen to this record one year ago, I thought it was good but nothing mindblowing. A few great songs, but nothing extra ordinary. I have changed my mind. I picked it up 4 months ago again, and no I can´t stop listen to this record. Almost everything is good, the production, the leads, the riffing, the vocalist who sounds a bit like Schmier of Destruction. They combine precise technical riffing with a great feeling for not just energy but breath taking energy which makes you wanna mosh for hours. Not much is bad here. Almost every song is top notch, I should say this is among one of the best thrash records in the last 10 years. Yes this one was a grower for me. I think I will go to see them live as fast as possible. 


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