måndag 26 november 2012

DESTRUCTION "Spiritual Genocide"

30 years into their career they release a slab of good quality german thrash. Schmier still sounds like he is 20 years younger when he releases his voice in songs about everything violent he likes to write about. This time the cover is quite cool. Their "evil butcher" has a thorn around his head like Jesus, with a riflescope pointed at his head. Of course he is holding his big butcher knife too. There are different creatures around him including a pig´s head on a stick. Tasteful and evil looking. My problem with Destruction through the years have been that they always are good, and write a couple of great songs but some of the songs are easily forgettable. This time I think they pull things off pretty well the whole way. The riffing, production and the songs are above average. Among the best are "Cyanide", "To dust you will Decay" and "Legacy of the past". "Cyanide" and "Legacy of the past" hit quite hard and "To dust.." is more of a midpaced song with a great chorus. I also like the title song with its catchy guitars and cool chorus. Also "Carnivore" is good song with a little different direction, full of groove. My favorite song is "Under Violent Sledge" with its cool sing a long choirs and catchy riffing. The good songs continue the whole record, I hope I will still like them in six months or so. The classics are always welcome in my headphones but the new ones don´t usually stick in my head for so long. That´s the main problem with Destruction nowadays, I always like most of the songs in the beginning but they get a bit anonymous after a while. Well, enough of my nagging. This is a solid record and I hope Schmier will not rip my head off if he reads this.


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