lördag 10 november 2012

HURTLOCKER "Embrace The Fall"

Since this blog is a total DIY (Do it yourself) thing, I mostly write about bands I like and would like to promote. And this is one of the bands I would like to promote, too bad they have split up. I have seen a lot of  people and mags telling that this is a metalcore band. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is a METAL band with maybe some slight "core influences" But first and foremost this is hardhitting metal with both grinding parts, heavy thrash and some death metal riffing. I discovered this band when I bought a copy of the american mag "Explicitly Intense", specialized in extreme music, six years ago and there was a cd sampler with the song "Absolution" from their first cd on it. That song totally blew me away, it was full of aggression and catchiness and their vocalist sounded like a predator full of rage. The thing about this band is that nobody, I mean (almost) nobody talks about them! It´s a fuckin´shame, ´cause they play(ed) a totally relentless mix of several metal genres without loosing any of the momentum in the songs. There is always a thread to be found and none of the riffs or chords seem to be out of place. This cd is full of their, if not  unique but totally outstanding ability to create songs that are just fucking lethal metal, not death not thrash not grind. Just lethal metal with all the aforementioned ingridients included. The only minor complaint I have about this record is the few  spoken parts which seems a bit out of place. Otherwise this slays as much as their first masterpiece of pain inducing metal.


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