måndag 5 november 2012


As a swede, I have to say we have a lot of good death metal bands, and not just in the "Stockholm death metal" genre. This band have members from Aeon and a vocalist of Dark Funeral fame Masse Broberg aka "Emperor Magus Caligula".  This is some heavy and evil sounding stuff. The similarities to Aeon are obvious, it´s punishing, hammering death metal with a pretty big musical knowledge. Not just endless blastbeats but more focus on creating a combination of a blastbeats, powerful riffs, heavy parts and Masse the vocalist growls very well, you can hear most words he grunts.This isn´t unique sounding stuff, nor it´s a rip off, you´ve heard death metal before. Right? Even if a band don´t explore new territories, it can still be damn good. And this is good stuff, you can bang your head and grab a beer or two. There could have been more memorable songs and the triggered drumsound is a bit clicky. But I don´t care that much, you shouldn´t either. Metal til death.


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