måndag 12 november 2012

FETUS STENCH "Stillbirth"

Another Devourment clone? The name is typical for those bands playing "slamming brootal death metal", but this is something totally different. This is a swedish, very young band (if you look at pics of them) which plays a straight forward, yet quite technical hardhitting death metal with great dynamics and a crushing sound. Far away from that stereotype sound of hundred elephants trying to handle their instruments in a pit of zombies. Well, I tried to describe how it sounds when some bands perform their totally generic slam death metal. Fetus Stench is way better than their name, despite their young age they handle their instruments very professionally and even their vocalist has a very mature voice. He sounds very angry and has a clear, yet brutal voice. The music itself  consists of both heavy parts and speedy grinding parts with a lot of punch and inventive guitar playing. Well produced stuff with a touch of several high class death metal bands. The first band that comes to mind is actually the swedish blasphemous masters Aeon. I know I have mentioned them in some reviews before, but Aeon´s relentless music is not something you dislike. Is it? Newer stuff from Grave is another thing you can hear some traces of here. These guys have a sound and songs that are not totally unique (who has these days?) but this disc is so full of really good songs, you really can´t hate this.One of the better records lately from a swedish band for sure! This kills and shreds This is their first album, and a pretty hard one to top I think. I am looking forward to their next piece of well executed death metal.


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