tisdag 20 november 2012

HATE ETERNAL "Phoenix Amongst The Ashes"

Many things have been said about Erik Rutan´s Hate Eternal. Some say they lack dynamics, some say their productions suck and some say they are the masters of pummeling blasting death metal. I am of the view that some of their later albums like "Fury And Flames" for example is a bit blurry with the drums very upfront in the mix. This their latest blastpiece of blistering tight death metal is nothing but a showcase of death metal supreme. Erik Rutan has one of, if not the best death metal voice ever. He articulates, but nothing of the brutality is lost. He really sounds like he´s mad at the whole world when he growls and spits full of rage. This record have a lot of interesting songs, especially the opening riff in "The Art of Redemption" is totally sick. The riff is extremely fast and sounds more like a frenetic guitar solo than a single riff, very unique sounding for sure. Another thing people complain about is their faceless blasting, I think this record has a lot it of but they mix it up with a lot of heavy parts too which makes the record a bit more easily digested. But since I am a speedfreak and worship most of the songs Hate Eternal have done through the years, this is no exception. Within the fierce grinding parts, there are always substance in the songs, the riffs are entertaining most of the time even at neckbreak paces. Why? Because with such poise and conviction that Erik Rutan possesses not much can go wrong I think. He manages to always give the listener a very brutal, but extremely talented song writing experience. The song "Hatesworn" has a part after the first riffs when Erik sounds totally possessed by everything evil in this universe." HATESWORN, HATESWORN, HATESWORN !!!!!!!" No offense, but nor David Vincent, George Fisher, Chuck Chuldiner, Luc Lemay, Ross Dolan, John Tardy or Glen Benton have that kind of brutality in their voices. It´s almost inhuman to sound like that. I like this record a lot, but I envy Erik for being such a godly death metal ambassador. Almost everything he touches turns to if not gold but to death metal masterpieces, even as a producer. Obey Erik and his mighty men, listen to this deadly piece of death metal art.


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