lördag 3 november 2012

CORONER "No More Color"

Switzerland hasn´t got many well known death, thrash or black metal bands(Celtic Frost and Hellhammer of course). At least not outside their own country. But Coroner is a for sure an exception. They have written a couple of total classics within the thrash/progressive thrash genre. I bought this one on LP when it came out in 1989, and it´s unique in every way possible. From the strange, crazy rhythm patterns and great technical riffing to Ron Royce´s brilliant vocals. He sounds like he means every word, like the sick scientist trying to convince the people to believe his theories about the end of the world. The music on this masterpiece is nothing short of amazing, if you could imagine Atheist meets darkened thrash, combined with a great amount of "black as the night" riffing. The riffing is phenomenal, they were way ahead of their time when this exploded into the metal scene. The guitars play very complex stuff combined with a fingertip feeling when it comes to creating catchy yet very depressive and dark riffs. This is one of the absolute timeless classics within this genre, though a bit underrated. Not among the diehards, but among the rest. Be a true metal warrior and let this great piece of music be a part of your weekly metal meal.


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