tisdag 20 november 2012


For over twenty years they have spread their blasphemous music, and they don´t sound tired at all this long into their career. The lyrics are still there and their trademark blackened death metal are also there. They have a pretty unique sound, you can hear it is Necrophobic and not some faceless clone. The music itself is fiercly intense most of the time, still melodic. But the guitar melodies don´t make the music sound weak or boring, it adds a spooky atmosphere and Tobias Sidegård sounds as haunted as ever when he shrieks and growls out his message about Lucifer and his best friends. I have heard a lot of their records and this is among the better they have released, through the years. Drums, guitars and the voice of Tobias hit my ears with a feeling that is hard to explain but if you imagine having a nightmare, a nightmare with the perfect soundtrack you will hear this. I should say horrorfilled magic, not sounding too pretentious.The music is like a dark unit meant to be scary and very intense, yet extremely entertaining. The riffs are so catchy and easy to listen to, at the same time they are like little horror flicks, amazingly brutal.The production of this record is good, the bass isn´t that audible but that´s a minor problem since the rest of the instruments sound great. When I have started listen to this, I hardly can stop. It´s that hypnotizing, really. So if you don´t want to be a part of this unholy team´s ideas and ideals, don´t listen. But If you have read this far I guess you´re interested in it. Go listen to this and get blown away by this swedish uncrowned masters of blasphemy.


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